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Who am I?

…Well, I am just a normal dude. Born and raised in Athens, I studied Informatics and Telematics at Harokopio University. Now I am a postgraduate student at the National Technical University of Athens, in the field of Mechanical Engineering. At the same time, I serve as a Research Assistant there.

Listening to music is one of my greatest passions, but always with a good pair of headphones. Soccer, Basketball and Tennis complete my sports life. If I ever get lost, you will find me watching a movie in the theatres. When it comes to life priorities, beliefs and family come first, friends come second and in the third place… Ummm, I haven’t really made up my mind yet. Ask me what do I think of myself, I would say that I am a good fellow and I want to believe that my friends feel the same. But, you see, I also enjoy writing articles. You, oh dear stranger, have already read too much of this bloody nonsense. So, why don’t you just click at those websites above this post? Yup, go on. We shall meet there…